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Building Materials

R.James Hardware is the one place where you can meet all your building material needs. We sell materials from only the very best suppliers and manufacturers.

We carry a large range and can guide you in the right direction. Not only do our staff have the knowledge to assist you, but we can also call upon the experts in their field to source the correct item, as well as the best way to apply or use it.

When doing building or renovation work it is crucial to get it right, there is no turning back once the project it complete. Its for this reason that why using the best product for the project is so important.

High quality materials and products will always yield the best results for your building project and a better return for the builder and contractor!

Brick, blocks & slabs
Sand & stone
Gypsum products (Rhino board etc.)

We stock a large range of adhesives and glues, which cater for the building industry, renovation and handyman markets as well as for the home DIY person.

Not all adhesives are for gluing basic materials like wood. Adhesive technology and there systems of application has evolved over the years, which allows us to do a lot more with them.

Today, adhesives play a vital role in the building and renovation industry and it is crucial that the correct type and brand of adhesive is used in the correct way.

We stock a large variety of abrasives which cater for a wide market like the building industry and DIY market.
Abrasives are used to finish or shape a work piece, and for that reason they are not all the same.

Whether you require the more day to day abrasives like sand paper for rubbing down a window frame or something stronger for steal, we are sure to have it in stock.
If we do not have it, we will try our best to get it for you.

How times have changed in the building industry. Today dry powders and cements are just so much more versatile then they where 50 years ago. There is so much more we can do with them.

They are not only stronger and more flexible, but also cure quicker. Depending on our needs they will either cure to a flexible solution or solid solution.

It is crucial that the correct products are used in the correct places.

As part of our building material department we offer a selection of wooden doors, door frames, windows and window frames. If we do not have it in stock, please ask for assistance and we will do our best to source it for you.

With out a lintel there would be no opening (unless it was an arch), lintels are required to keep the brick work up in place when we are building doors, windows or simply leaving an opening in a wall.
We stock a large variety and are able to get even more sizes should you require.
Most popular sizes that we generally have in stock are 900mm to 4.2m in length and 90mm, 110mm and 150mm in width.

Fixings & fasteners
Gutters & fittings
Cutting discs
Timber & mouldings
Welding rods
Steel & aluminium
Shutter Boards
Building trestles
Fibre cement products
Screeds & tiling products
Damp proof membranes & course’s

range of

Create a brand that stands out from the competitors, by using the right building materials.
Correct Materials

Using the right materials and products can save you both time and money.

Best Quality

Using the best quality product is key to a successful project.

Find the best
Building Products

At R.James Hardware our suppliers play a huge role in our success.

We trust these suppliers to consistently deliver materials and other products, that can help grow not only our business but your business as a professional contractor.

Our building materials department is always on the lookout for innovative solutions for our building contractors.

If you have come across a product that can save time or increase efficiency, get in touch with us!

Customer Testimonials
Hassan Mahomed
Hassan Mahomed

Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff

Dannyboy Tshona

Always got VIP service from Andre👌 keep up the good work man.

Damion Nobel
Damion Nobel

Convenience and friendly staff makes them a pleasure to visit

Bendre Molotov Meyer
Bendre Molotov Meyer

Wow excellent service and friendly staff an good combination. I would recommend anyone to purchase products there.